Unwind the Line

Join us, three wacky, fun smart college students as we unwind the lines of all sorts of modern day social relationships and issues.

Big News!

February 14th, 2019

Big News! Season 1 is....over. But stay tuned for Bonus episodes, and of course, Season 2. Listen up to find out how you can be entered into a raffle to win some pretty sweet stuff. 

S1 E6: Helicopter Parents

January 24th, 2019

What happens when parents care too much? When they become the “CEO’s” of their child's life? Do these parents ultimately help or hurt their children? Why are certain racial groups stereotyped as good parents while others, usually black and brown parents, are stereotyped as negligent and absent? How do cultural values impact parenting? Join us, and special guest co-host Nikhil Ghosh as we start to tackle  these questions by talking to a variety of teachers, researcher Julie Lythcott-Haims (yes she did give a TED talk about this), and hear a monologue from Melisa Olgun reflecting on her relationship with her mother.

S1 E5: Is Tourism Reproducing Colonialism?

January 10th, 2019

Join us as we trace the history of tourism with Professor Indira Karamcheti from ancient travel, to the Grand Tour to what it has become today; a concernedly masked parallel of colonialism. Also coming on the episode for an interview in this episode is Patrique Harris, a Jamaican citizen who tells us how she interacts with tourists and has seen her country change in relation to the industry of tourism. 

S1 E4: Hook you up with Hookup Culture

December 27th, 2018

Hang out with us we try and unwind some of the complexities of hookup culture here at Wesleyan University such as the dynamics of queer hookup culture, the role race plays, and Wesleyan's own anonymous hookup app Wescam. We'll get to hear from a variety of students outside on a sunny spring day, then at a more intimate round table discussion and listen in on two couples in open relationships interviewing each other.

S1 E3: White Privilege You Can’t Cash in: A Look into the Proposed and Rejected MENA Race Category

December 13th, 2018

“They call us white but we're treated brown” is the experience of many Arab Americans and Middle Eastern people in the US. Join us as we dive into the complexities of the proposed (and rejected) Middle Eastern North African (MENA) racial category for the 2020 census with not one, but two special guest co-hosts, Youbie Abdelrahman, host of the podcast “It’s not That Serious” and Ahmed Badr, host of “A Way Home Together” and advocate for refugee youth. We'll also get to hear from a member of the US national advisory committee of the census bureau  Hassan Jaber, an ardent proponent of the category, and Turkish writer and performer Melisa Olgun. Although race is undeniably a serious topic, it’s also something we can learn about through laughter, evident as we listen to a stand up performance by comedian Thafir Elzofri. 



S1 E2: Gender Open Parenting and Preschools: Raising Children Outside the Gender Binary

November 27th, 2018

Many of us feel that gender is largely a social construct and not necessarily connected to biological sex, but what does it look like when children are given the opportunity to choose their own gender? When gender discourse is happening in the household as soon as the child can speak? How aware are children really of gender? Join us on our second episode as we begin to tackle these questions through a roundtable discussion with parents using gender open parenting techniques and an interview with Researcher Ben Kenward who studied gender neutral preschools in Sweden.

S1 E1: Friend Breakups are Real Breakups

November 27th, 2018

Have you ever had a friend breakup worse than a romantic breakup? That’s because friend breakups are real breakups. Not convinced? Listen to Alli chat with a friend who left her freshman year friend group, followed a heartfelt, honest group discussion with a variety of voices and a personal story.

S1: Unwind the Line Trailer

November 20th, 2018

Join us, Alli, Aviv and Justin, three wacky and fun college students as we unwind the lines of all sorts of contemporary social and political phenomenon and issues. Sounds boring? Well, it won't be...we hope.. This season will be unwinding lines about topics from friend breakups, to modern day tourism, to the racial category of Middle Eastern North African that was almost added to the 2020 census.We'll be bring on lots of guests, trying to give voice to folx who aren't traditionally in the podcasting field. We've got round table discussions.  We've got interviews. We've got live comedy. We've got personal monologues. Basically, we've got it all. And all you have to do is listen.